And play a historic role for Taalmonument’s 50th

The architect of the Afrikaans Language Museum and Monument (ATM) in Paarl, Jan van Wijk, would have turned 98 on 2 May 2024. In his honour and because the institution celebrates 50 years of existence in 2025, the ATM requests an original logo design for which R10 000, sponsored by the Historium Trust, is at stake as part of next year’s big bash.

Anyone – or a group of friends, family, colleagues – can participate in the competition. Like Afrikaans itself, the monument is deeply rooted in the continent of Africa, so let the indigenous creativity flow! Deadline is 31 May 2024.

  • All requirements, terms and conditions at where the symbolism, history and missions of the monument are also described in detail. The Historium Trust is the continuation of the Afrikaans Language Monument Committee which was set up in 1942 to investigate the possibility of a monument and has since supported the ATM financially by amongst others sponsoring prizes for Afrikaans projects.


Logo requirements:

– Square or round format

– As simple as possible, with a maximum of 3 of the colours used in the ATM’s emblems/visual material (see above and below).
grys: HTML code: #71797E RGB code: R: 113 G: 121 B: 126 HSV: 203.08° 10.32% 49.41%
maroen: HTML code: #884129 RGB code: R: 136 G: 65 B: 41 HSV: 15.16° 69.85% 53.33%
goud: HTML code: #967358 RGB code: R: 150 G: 115 B: 88 HSV: 26.13° 41.33% 58.82%
donkergrys: HTML code: #2D3035 RGB code: R: 45 G: 48 B: 53 HSV: 217.5° 15.09% 20.78%

– Preferably use the same/similar fonts as in the ATM’s emblem

– Must be usable for print and digital media as well as merchandise such as T-shirts

– The text “Taalmonument 50” and “2025” must appear on the logo

– Monument must be visually recognisable

– Designers are welcome to also propose and use two or three other relevant words, a slogan (see previous logos)

– Image and text must be clear, even if the logo is used as small as 35mm x 35mm

– Format: .PNG

– Quality: minimum 1100 pixels x 1100 pixels

– Designers must add motivation/explanation (100 words max) for their designs

Terms and conditions:

– Entries (maximum three per person) must be sent via e-mail by 17:00 on Friday, 31 May 2024, to with full name and contact number included

– The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into

– The ATM reserves the right not to choose any winner

– The winner, if any, will be announced within a month after the entry date

– The winning logo will be the ATM’s intellectual property and protected as a trademark. It can also be adjusted for practical and other considerations

– The prize money will only be paid into a South African bank account