Taalmonument and VivA offer virtual AWS workshop for wordsmiths

Given that covid-19 is still a reality, the Afrikaans Language Museum and Monument (ATM), in collaboration with the Virtuele Instituut vir Afrikaans (VivA), will present a practical and informative virtual Afrikaans Woordelys en Spelreëls workshop on Wednesday, 10 March 2021. This popular AWS training is part of VivA’s Teksredaksieportaal, which was created specifically to meet the needs of language workers such as translators, text editors, writers, teachers, ministers, and so on.

“We initially offered these workshops on site, but the digital age in which we live enables us to present the same information just as effectively via digital platforms,” ​​says Marlie Coetzee, executive director. “It requires a bit of a lateral thinking to experience such a workshop in webinar format, but we also trust that the covid reality has given most of us a taste of virtual reality’s possibilities. After all, our motto is ‘Afrikaans digital’.”

The workshop consists of two sessions: a morning session of four webinars from 09:00 in which theory is discussed, and a practical afternoon session. Each webinar consists of a pre-recorded video, which is played from the platform. Participants do have the opportunity to ask questions during the webinars. If it is a superficial issue, the questions will be answered immediately, but if it requires a more thorough discussion, the questions will be dealt with during the afternoon session. The afternoon session between 2pm and 4pm takes place via Zoom, precisely to enable interaction. Participants also have the opportunity to ask the presenter practical questions during this session.

The video material used in the webinar belongs to VivA and will not be made available on other platforms later. VivA is a research institute with the mission to provide an inclusive service to the language community with regard to the provision of digital resources in and regarding Afrikaans. VivA (www.viva-afrikaans.org) already has the following portals: Woordeboekportaal  (more than 50 dictionaries and glossaries), Adviesportaal (in which language adviser Sophia Kapp gives language advice), Inligtingsportaal (includes a series of blogs and podcasts), Korpusportaal (more than 280 million texts in which language workers can trace language patterns), Taalportaal (comparative grammar between Afrikaans, Dutch and Frisian) as well as Taalonderrigportaal (general Afrikaans grammar and school grammar).

The cost is R350 per person and places are limited, so please confirm participation by 8 March 2021 by contacting Jeffrey Pietersen on 021 872 3441 or bemarking2@taalmuseum.co.za. For more information on all the other planned events, concerts and courses at the Taalmonument (with covid-19 in mind), call 021 872 3441/863 0543, visit www.taalmonument.co.za or follow them on Facebook. THE MONUMENT AND MUSEUM ARE STILL OPEN TO VISITORS.