The Taalmuseum is located in the heart of Paarl and depicts the diverse origins of one of Africa’s youngest languages, Afrikaans. The museum is set in the beautiful historic house of Gideon Malherbe, one of the founders of the Fellowship for True Afrikaners (GRA) in 1875. The museum’s exhibitions informs visitors about the history and diversity of Afrikaans – see the GRA’s printing press on which the first Afrikaans newspaper in the world was printed on, and test your knowledge of idioms! Also view examples of the oldest Afrikaans written in Arabic script and experience the adventurous journey of Afrikaans music. Pre-booked guided tours are available at the Language Museum. The museum and monument often host exceptional events, so click here to see the latest information on our social media platform. If you also visit the Taalmonument on Paarl Mountain on the same day, you will receive a discount on the entrance fee there, so please keep your original museum payment slip.


Address: 11 Pastorie Avenue, Paarl
GPS coordinates: 33° 73′ 42″ S 18° 96′ 33″ E
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Open: Mon-Fri 08:30-16:30
Closed: Weekends, public holdays, Christmas to New Year

ENTRANCE FEES from 1 APRIL 2019 to 31 MARCH 2022

Entrance fees are payable at reception and only cash is accepted at this stage.
Your birthday? Free entrance with your South African ID!


  • R20
  • For Drakenstein residents with valid library cards: R10


  • Standard entrance fee per person, but tour operator rates and STO negotiable. Apply for this timeously and in writing via Tour guides and bus drivers enter for free.


  • R10 (with proof)


  • R5 (free under six years)


  • R5 per learner; 2 teachers and bus driver free per group (please pre-book for educational programmes)


  • R120 for individuals/R220 for a family of four – includes unlimited access to the Taalmuseum, the Taalmonument, hiking trails and Full Moon Picnics.


Tel: +27 (0)21 872 3441 or (0)21 863 0543
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All visitors visit the premises at their own risk. The ATM will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury sustained. Above-mentioned fees are only valid for regular access/as indicated and not for special events or functions. The ATM Board may determine and adjust the hours during which, and the terms and conditions under which the public may visit the declared institution or part thereof, as well as the entrance fees. The ATM Management reserves the right to temporarily adjust or suspend opening times and visiting spaces within reasonable limits and without prior notice; in such cases, visitors, permit holders and other stakeholders will not be entitled to any damages. Requests for discounts must be made in writing to the Director. No weapons, pets or hawkers are allowed on the premises. Right of admission is reserved.

[Revenue from entrance fees and rentals is utilised to supplement the shortfall in the Department of Arts and Culture’s grant. It is used for maintenance and to present educational programmes and heritage projects.]


  • Free guided tours are offered by a museum guide, when available. Requests for specialised tours or access to archival material must be addressed to the Curator.
  • Educational tours must be booked in advance and a booking form must be completed. Due to the condition of the museum’s floors, school groups are limited to 30 learners per visit. Larger groups are only allowed in the Early Written Afrikaans room.
  • To comply with fire and safety regulations, no more than 30 visitors may be allowed per floor at any given time.
  • Prior permission must be obtained from the Curator for commercial photography/filming.


  • Run or jump in the museum does.
  • Touch, sit or lean on the furniture.
  • Touch the artefacts on the ground floor.
  • Play the piano.
  • Eat, drink or smoke in the museum.
  • Move past the pillars.
  • Slide down the staircase handrails.