The ATM’s vision is to expand the institution into a dynamic and inclusive one that promotes the linguistic diversity of Afrikaans within the context of a multicultural society.

The missions of the ATM are to:

  • Promote the diversity of Afrikaans through inclusive programmes and activities.
  • Digitalise information to better conserve and increase access to it.
  • Create an environment in which different Afrikaans role-players interact with each other to achieve social cohesion.
  • Reach out to other indigenous language communities and entities through educational programmes and cultural activities.
  • Research ‘ignored’ or displaced histories of Afrikaans, and sharpen its focus on African knowledge-learning systems as part of a larger decolonisation process.
  • Promote mutual respect and tolerance between members of the Afrikaans language community in order to facilitate a stronger shared cultural identity.
  • Manage the institution on sound and transparent financial and management principles that will establish it as a leading and recognised role-player in the heritage sector.
  • Protect, conserve and promote Afrikaans’s diverse language heritage, cultural-historical buildings and heritage sites.
  • Empower various cultural groups through workshops and programmes.
  • Empower the staff and greater community.

The ATM strives for the well-being of Afrikaans within the larger South African society. In this spirit we wish to encourage and support Afrikaans, especially among the youth and non-mother-tongue speakers. We constantly endeavour to establish mutual respect between Afrikaans and other indigenous languages by, among others, acknowledging the mutual influences of the languages on each other.

The ATM’s values include:

  • Striving for high levels of integrity, reliability, transparency and professionalism in what we do.
  • Being tolerant and respectful in dealing with cultural groups and other indigenous languages.
  • Striving for excellence in our work environment, as well as in what we offer to the public.
  • Contributing to the empowerment of the South African society.
  • Being creative and innovative in terms of the programmes and activities we offer.

[*Vision, missions and values adopted in 2017]