The Afrikaans Language Museum and Monument’s website has just passed a milestone of 300 000 page views!
The pageviews are from September 2018 (after the website was expanded) and exclude the first few months of the Covid-19 pandemic (when the statistics software was also wonky).
A few interesting facts:
Almost 150 000 visit(or)s over the period
Busiest day was 19 May 2022 with almost 1 100 page views (when there was talk of a name change for the ATM)
523 posts have been created
Search engines, Facebook, and wikipedia are the biggest roads leading to the ATM’s website.
Countries from which people look at the website are South Africa (almost 250 000 page views), followed by the USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Namibia, Ireland, France, Australia and Canada. But the website has been accessed from almost every country on the planet.
The most visited page is visitor information in Afrikaans and English as well as the symbolism of the Language Monument in Afrikaans.
Our Facebook page also reaches hundreds of thousands of people, with followers growing to 26 430. It is noteworthy that many more women than men follow the ATM on social media and respond to our posts with a ‘like’.
* Thanks to everyone’s interest and support. See for the latest information on forthcoming events, research, visitor information, Afrikaans, multilingualism, our vision and mission as well as annual reports.