Drakenstein artists to motivate and entertain young people

In honour of Youth Day 2021 the Afrikaans Language Museum and Monument (ATM) offers an exciting free programme that will be recorded in situ and will be available online for a worldwide audience from 16 June 2021

Given the current challenges, this is an opportunity for the institution to strengthen its links with communities as well as to promote music practice and creative careers among the youth. According to the ATM’s director, Michael Jonas, the institution also wants to celebrate Afrikaans in all its diversity and forms, in order to promote nation-building and social cohesion.

The programme itself will take place on 5 June at the Taalmonument where 100 invited young people can listen to the popular and local celebrity Nosipho H’s motivational speech and songs. This is followed by Zebulon Kochk, 2020 winner of a Koker Award for the promotion of Afrikaans among the South African youth, who will perform his poetry. Afterwards, Bianca Goosen, who has participated at numerous art festivals, as well as the young rising Wellington stars RJay & LKay will entertain the guests with music and song. The entire event will be professionally recorded and edited to put together a beautiful programme for a worldwide audience. It will also include unique shots of the monument to give viewers a better idea of what the institution has to offer.

“Local talent is often overlooked or exploited during big events and are not always appreciated,” says Jonas. “For these reasons, we want to provide a platform for local artists to grow, hone their skills and gain much-needed exposure,” he says. “After all, entertainment has the power to unite and connect us in times of crisis.”

According to Jonas the uprisings of 16 June 1976 had far-reaching consequences for the South African community and the Afrikaans-speaking world. “The tragic events can certainly be regarded as one of the biggest mistakes in the history of this relatively young African language. Decades later, the language continues to suffer from negative perceptions due to the uprising, which is why Youth Day offers us the opportunity to rethink the institution’s contentious past and the still sometimes divided language community we serve.”

The Youth Day programme will be available for free from 09:00 on Wednesday, 16 June 2021, on the ATM’s Facebook page and YouTube channel where anyone can watch it at any time. For further information on this and other exciting events, (online) courses and Covid-19 protocols, call 021 863 0543/4809 or visit www.taalmonument.co.za. Year permits are available at R120 for individuals or R220 per family (currently offered at a 20% discount), which includes access to all Full Moon Picnics. THE LANGUAGE MONUMENT AND LANGUAGE MUSEUM ARE OPEN TO VISITORS – CHILDREN UNDER 18 CURRENTLY ENTER FOR FREE.