brokkie taalmuseum ned amptelik

9 June 1882

Dutch was accepted as official language together with English in die Cape Parliament on 9 June 1882. Although the language spoken by the people was referred to as Dutch, it had already deviated so far from standard Dutch that it was in fact Afrikaans, although they themselves were not even aware of it. Formal Dutch was still used for official documents. The motion was introduced by “Onze Jan” Hofmeyr, great proponent of the Afrikaans cause. (Die Afrikaanse Patriot, mouthpiece of the Genootskap van Regte Afrikaners [Association for True Afrikaners], was printed in his printing works in Cape Town for the first year.) The inhabitants of Burgersdorp in the Eastern Cape, who fought very hard for this triumph, erected a monument to commemorate the event. This was the first language monument in South Africa.


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