Vineyards, fruits and herbs … The Afrikaans Taalmuseum has a beautiful little vineyard in the backyard that consists of 50 Steen vines and 50 Hanepoot vines. It was planted in 1979 by Dr Dirk Kotze, the former head of the museum, in memory of Gideon Malherbe, wine farmer and the original owner of the house in which the museum is located. On a historical photo taken behind Malherbe’s house, the farm that then stretched roughly from Main Street to the Berg River can be seen. Fruit trees appear on the picture and the curator thought it a good idea to introduce fruit trees in the garden (the vineyard is tiny compared to 140 years ago). Therefore, this spring an apple, pear, orange, lemon, nartjie, fig, quince and almond tree were planted. May it grow and bear fruit!
At the Taalmonument we are systematically rehabilitating the gardens and creating new experiences in the existing ones. It also includes the planting of indigenous herbs such as buchu, wild dagga, aloe and kooigoed (used for bedding), which will be illuminated with information boards for educational purposes. The ‘taaltuiniers’ removed alien plants and built wooden frames filled with compost and the plants. You don’t get more eco-friendly than that, so come and look with new, green eyes what we are up to – it will make you green with envy.