Website offers virtual tour, and has incredible information and photos
Goeiedag | Molweni | Good day
Following the latest developments regarding the coronavirus pandemic, the Afrikaans Language Museum in Paarl and the Afrikaans Language Monument on Paarl Mountain confirm that both institutions are closed to visitors until further notice. In response to government directives, we have adopted the following measures:
– The monument and museum are closed to visitors and all public programmes during this period are cancelled/postponed.
– Our staff will work from their homes as far as possible, but must be available via email and social networks to handle inquiries and urgent issues. Where they are required for maintenance and other essential tasks, they will work in shifts to limit contact between co-workers. All our facilities have effective soaps/disinfectants, and protective clothing will be issued to employees.
– Staff have been informed about the virus and pandemic (see and requested not to distribute any fake news via social media. If any of them feel ill – whatever the cause – they will receive medical treatment immediately.
Our website – – has a virtual tour of both the monument and museum, extensive information in six languages as well as dozens of links to interesting articles on Afrikaans, multilingualism and the monument’s past and future.
The safety and health of our staff and the community remain our priorities; in the meantime, we request that South Africans ascertain the medical facts around the virus, including the categories of people at greatest risk. We also thank everyone for their continued support in these unique circumstances; the Afrikaans Language Museum and Monument will adapt all steps should the authorities make any new requests or impose obligations.
We are positive that this institution, like the rest of the country and the planet, will endure in the fight against this pandemic – with greater humanity and better understanding. Meanwhile, we only have one word for everyone: Vasbyt!
For the latest information, please see and our Facebook page, or contact us on 071 500 8740 or
Baie dankie | Enkosi kakhulu | Thank you very much