Jeugdag Taalmuseum 2018 Klein

Taalmonument celebrates Youth Day with Jitsvinger
Young rappers also get the chance to strut their stuff

In honour of Youth Day 2018, the Afrikaans Language Museum and Monument (ATM) and offer an exciting free concert, competition and workshop for young rappers, under the guiding finger of the famous Jitsvinger.

Other entertainment includes Getuies, a Paarl rap group, as well as a performance by the Klein Nederburg Secondary School drama group. To make use of the school holiday, this energetic day of sound and talent will take place on Saturday, 23 June from 14:00 at this Paarl school. Learners that reckon they can rap are invited to enrol in advance for the open mike. Participation is free and all participants will automatically receive a gift voucher, but space is limited.

Jitsvinger will be the motivational speaker and have the audience hanging on his lips with his fast-flowing, spot-on words before helping the young talent with their performances. The youthful stars of the school’s drama group will perform parts from their ‘Simunye, We are One, Ons is Een’ show, especially those focusing on music and dance. This production, which also featured at the Suidoosterfees, celebrates the country’s cultural diversity.

For more information and to enter the open mike, contact Jeffrey Pietersen on 021 872 3441. Visit or follow the Taalmonument on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.