Friday was a special day for about 60 female farm workers when the Afrikaans Language Museum and Monument (ATM) sponsored a meal, entertainment, gifts and visit to the iconic monument in celebration of Women’s Month. One visitor, Rachel van Wyk, described the day as instructive and fun. “We are always learning, even if we are old,” she said. Another visitor said the whole day, including her first visit to the monument, was an absolute privilege. “We don’t know it, because in our workplace it’s just going to work, going home, going to work … we are very grateful for this opportunity.” The women were addressed by Beverley Farmer, owner of Women in Wine. Farmer’s company – the first female-owned and managed wine producer, plays a major role in improving working conditions, skills and recognition for women in the wine industry. The day is one of the Taalmonument’s outreach projects to locals to be relevant to the community in which we are located.