Bybels vir hersteling 2

Bibles after it has been restored

The Historium Trust donated money to the Afrikaans Language Museum in Paarl to restore three historical bibles. The so-called Horak Bible, the SG du Toit Bible and a large old Statebybel, which belonged to the Jaspers family, all have a familial or language connection with the museum. The famous Peter Packeray, who has more than four decades of experience in the recovery of extremely valuable books, did the work. The Japers Bible was the family bible of Dorothea Jaspers, the second wife of the Fellowship of True Afrikaners (GRA) co-founder Gideon Malherbe, the SG du Toit Bible belonged to one of the GRA members and the Horak Bible supposedly to the (in)famous Paarlite whose conduct gave rise to the Afrikaans phrase “Wat sê Horak?” (“What does Horak say?”). One uses this expression when doubting something.

Bybels vir hersteling

Bibles before it has been restored