Dans van die vlamme Taalmonument 2017 web

The Psychedelic Theatre’s Picnic on Fire at the Taalmonument

A night of flames, fire and nature is the light at the end of the year tunnel when the Psychedelic Theatre performs at the Afrikaans Language Monument in Paarl on Saturday 30 December 2017. Add to this lovely summer weather and delicious picnics on the gentle grass of the Garden Theatre, and then it’s clear why the ‘Picnic on Fire’ show, their eleventh at the monument, is a calendar highlight.

The hour-long show includes music, fire breathers, and dances with burning hula-hoops, palm candles and fire snakes.  As usual, they will have the audience eating out of their hands with new dances and breath-taking twists.

Marvin Lee-Beukes, actor and founder of the Psychedelic Theatre, says that they look forward to receiving locals, tourists and holidaymakers at the Language Monument for an unforgettable evening of beautiful views, an amazing sunset, picnic and a fire dance experience. The Psychedelic Theatre presents performance spectacles that venture beyond the expectations of everyday human experience. A sensory stimulus is flipped around, turned inside out and splashed out on what becomes a tantalising performance canvas. Visual displays range from fire, physical theatre, mime, dance, interactive performances and light shows, all to the beat of original music. Get a taste of it by looking at their previous performances at the monument at www.psychedelictheatre.co.za/?page_id=886

The gates open at 17:00 and the show starts at 20:00 as soon as the sun bids us farewell. Visitors are welcome to bring their own drinks (not glass) and picnic baskets, or order one in advance at Volksmond Coffee Shop (R300 for two people or R400 with a basket) on 021 863 2800. This newly enlarged and improved coffee shop will also have refreshments, coffee, wine and beer on the menu. Tickets can be purchased in advance at Computicket or the Language Monument – R100 for adults, R80 for students and R50 for children under 13 years. No smoking and chairs are allowed in the Garden theatre. Bring a blanket or pillow and warm clothes. Visitors also have access to secure parking, a kids’ play park and an open air poetry exhibition.

During this summer season, the Language Monument offers a series of Full-moon Picnics, Stargazing Picnics and Picnic concerts that will include performances by Emo Adams, The Rockets, Elvis Blue (and orchestra) and Die Heuwels Fantasties. More details on this and other special events – such as the ATKV Rieldans Competition, a creative writing workshop and sporting events – can be found at www.taalmonument.co.za and www.facebook.com/afrikaansaalmonument. For more information, call 021 863 0543/4809.

The Afrikaans Language Monument: Culture, Nature and Pleasure.

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