Do you or someone you know want to learn more about one of the planet’s youngest languages, Afrikaans? Then look at the following cyber houses regarding the incredible history of the language, of which the first seeds were sown in the late 1500s. This information forms part of the Afrikaans Taalmonument’s website at where a selection of recent articles and academic articles on Afrikaans as well as the Afrikaans Language Museum and Monument appear. At the bottom are online resources, some Afrikaans cultural organisations and online options to learn or improve your Afrikaans. Feel free to contact us with more suggestions.

Aanlyn-hulpbronne oor Afrikaans | Online resources on Afrikaans

Geskiedenis van Afrikaans

Die ontstaan en ontwikkeling van AFRIKAANS

Arabiese Afrikaans

Die Afrikaans van die Kaapse Moslems

Meer oor Afrikaans

Afrikaans-speaking population of South Africa

More on Afrikaans

Afrikaanse rolprente