Two classic and one new heavyweight Afrikaans publications (again) make their debut in April 2019 – each with experienced editorial teams who exhibit and promote Afrikaans in all her incarnations. Firstly, Vrye Weekblad – the cheeky anti-apartheid newspaper in the late 80’s and early 90’s – that is is once again edited by Max du Preez and is now available online at
The first issue of SKROP – a brand new Afrikaans online publication focusing on books, art, food and entertainment – is also available online at The emphasis is on short and powerful, spicy and fun.
At the above-mentioned websites one can also subscribe to the publications.
Then a visually stunning “other reunion edition” of the INSIG magazine will also appear on the shelves this month – with fantastic old and new articles. If there is enough interest, there will hopefully be more issues of this lifestyle magazine for thinking people. Contact 021 406 4962 for orders and see this interview on kykNET for more.