In celebration of International Mother Language Day in February, the Afrikaans Language Museum and Monument presented a three-day programme for Grade 11 learners from Cloetesville High School, Kylemore High School and Wellington High School to promote awareness of language and cultural diversity as well as multilingualism.

Dr Willa Boezak was the guest speaker and used an interactive presentation to speak to the learners about language rights and the language diversity of the country. Rapper Janine Overmeyer, better known as Blaqpearl, concluded the programme with her inspiring poems.

Boezak obtained his PhD in Humanities from the University of Cape Town and was a lecturer at the University of the Western Cape. He served as chairman of the Western Cape Cultural Commission and has been presenting his Naelstring lectures on the Khoi-San for the past five years. He is a researcher, writer, motivational speaker and artist.